Peter C Allen VI

About Me

This is a page I've built largely to showcase some of my work for prospective employers. If that's what you're here for, click on the portfolio tab to see what I've made. Right-click on any project card for a link to the source code - it's all open.

If you're wondering about me personally - I was born in Minneapolis and grew up on a farm near Kenyon, MN. Since then I've lived in a variety of places both near and far, but I've recently returned to Minneapolis to pursue a career building software. I'm mostly self-taught, starting in middle school, but I also completed a web development course at the University of Minnesota, both to learn new skills and provide me with an inroad into the more professional world. To date, all of my paid work in this field has been freelance or with unglamorous start-ups, and I'm looking to add to my experience by working for a "real" company.

If you're still reading, the rest of the page will be filled in with random nonsense. This nonsense-text-generator also represents the first JavaScript code I ever wrote, so I felt like including it here...




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Phone: 507-323-1632

You can email me at:

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